By Sarah

Show Must Go On!

But we still captured the memories!

Covid-19 prevented Bella and her dancing school from performing their “Let’s Get Loud!” Show back in March 2020. Of course, it was disappointing for all the performers, more so because they had their costumes.

When Lockdown eased, Bella’s Mum, Emma, asked if we could set up the studio for Bella to wear all her outfits and capture the essence of what the show would have been so that they could remember the event that couldn’t happen. Of course, I obliged in a heartbeat! Bella is an absolute delight with a wonderful personality. I had had the pleasure of working with her before, so there was no hesitation; I had to create these memories for them. A great time was had by all of us, making some happy memories during a challenging year.

We set up the studio, Bella arrived with her costumes, the music started to play from her show, and the magic happened! Bella remembered all her routines, her costumes were fabulous, and she was so full of energy. Time disappeared, several costumes and track changes. Bella was absolutely fantastic; everything flowed to ensure we captured the natural moves from her show.

girls in dance costumes on a group photo

This photoshoot was so much fun! I feel so privileged to have been able to do this for Bella and her family.

“Every time I hear the song “Let’s Get Loud!” it reminds me of Bella, the time we spent together and the fun we had.” – Sarah

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