By Sarah

‘In the Box’

When Street Dancers climbed into the Box

In the box photography sessions are so much fun; I like them so much because it is an excellent way to capture genuine, natural smiles. Everyone loves them, and it is so easy to get even the most camera-shy family member engaged; it was very true of this session.

Clients often ask for guidance on what to try; this often results in mishaps and laughter. However, when street dancers visited, I was surplus to requirements. Nothing was impossible for them, and the strength they both had to hold the poses whilst I captured them was phenomenal.

They loved performing and trying out all the skills they had learned from their dance classes. I was blown away by the tricks they could do and the control they had. The box isn’t that big, so managing a headstand was impressive. Being brother and sister, they had a great rivalry, not wanting to be outdone by the other by the poses they displayed. I, as a photographer, loved every minute! So did the family, we had so much fun. You can see by their expressions how much they loved the session. And the finished ‘In the Box’ photograph captures the session perfectly.

Why not book your family in for an ‘In the Box’ photo shoot, and you too could have one of these family photos to treasure? Get in touch with Sarah for more details or click on the link below for available sessions.

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