By Sarah

Dexter’s Present!

“I want a photo of my family for my bedroom

So what would the average four-year-old boy like for his 5th birthday? Well, Dexter isn’t the average four-year-old boy!

Last September I had the most wonderful special request from Leanne regarding her 4-year-old son for his upcoming birthday. Like most parents Leanne and Gareth asked Dexter what he would like as a gift, to their surprise and mine, Dexter’s wish was for a photo of his family for his bedroom. Not only that, he wanted a photoshoot with Sarah Mann!

I was only too happy to fulfil Dexter’s birthday wish. So, we an hour in the woods climbing trees, running over bridges, and I ended up walking in the river to get one of the shots. Daisie and Dexter thought it was hilarious… I got my feet wet just for a photo but it was so worth it! The children had joyful expressions on their faces for the whole session.

It was an absolute pleasure capturing their images knowing it was his birthday wish. The family sent me a photograph of Dexter opening his present on his birthday of the family photograph! Priceless.

This family photo shoot was such a fun afternoon spent in the woods and one afternoon I shall never forget. Thank you, Dexter!

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